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Black Lights / Ultraviolet (UV) Lighting


In addition to Fog and Pyrotechnics the Black Light or UV (ultra-violet) Light is a popular effect for your Halloween Party or other Themed event. Often used at school dances as a dance floor effect the black light works well at creating a "glow in the dark" effect when incorporating neon party favours, fluorescent paint and white clothes. Also great for fashion and art shows, music videos, photo shoots and group fitness events like Yoga! Add "Glow" to any event or Party your planning and we'll deliver, set-up and test your Black Light Rental.
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UV Black Light Rentals for your Glow Party Rentals Professional Black Lights

UV Black Light Cannon (UV COB)

This Super High output Cannon is great for medium to large venues including Theatrical Stages, Concert Production, Night Clubs and Industrial venues. It offers powerful Ultraviolet light production using state of the art COB (Chip on Board) LED's and solid state electronics. It creates wash lighting, pulse and strobe effects for any type event and can operate in sound active, manual and is fully DMX compatible.

UV COB Black Light Canon Rentals Toronto Durham Region

Traditional 400 watt UV Black Light Cannon

The original Black Light Cannon is a 400 watt incandescent fixture ideal for permanent installations or Professional use in medium to large venues including Theatrical Stages, Concert Production, Night Clubs and Industrial venues. It offers powerful Ultraviolet light production using traditional technology. This fixture is heavy, almost 30lbs. It needs 5-10 minutes to warm up and gets HOT over time. You'll need dedicated power as each fixture will draw 6 amps! We recommend mounting from a truss or ceiling beam where it cant be reached by party goers! At 365nm wavelength this fixture gives off very little "Blue Hue" often associated with Black Lights and is great for specialized use.

400 watt UV Black Light Canon Rentals Toronto Durham Region

LED UV Bar and Strobe Light

LED Black Lights are by far the best for most small to medium size events and parties. Not only are they eco-friendly drawing less than 1 amp, they are powerful! This 40 inch bar hosts 18 x 3watt LEDS and you can plug-in multiple units into a regular household outlet with no issues.

Great for the small stage, theatrical productions, special effects installations, Music Video's and Photo Shoots, also great for house parties!.

When used in combination with Strobe Lighting effects it makes for brilliant optical illusions. Ask about renting this great combination for your next event or party.

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Our LED UV / Black Light Flashlights are a great addition to all your Glow parties and special events!

UV / Black Light Flash Lights for sale or rent Toronto Durham Region

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